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System of linear equations

A system of linear equations is two or more linear equations that are solved together and have a common solution. In order to show that they belong to the same system of equations, the equations are grouped together with a large curly bracket and sometimes roman numerals in order to more easily refer to them. {x+y=3(I)xy=1(II) \begin{cases}x+y=3 & \, \text {(I)}\\ x-y=1 & \text {(II)}\end{cases} Equation systems often contain more than one unknown variable and the solution for the system will be those values that make all the equations correct. In the example above, a pair of xx- and yy-values were asked for, and when that specific values is used, the right hand and left hand sides are equal in both equal. The solution in this case was x=2x = 2 and y=1y = 1 which is usually written as {x=2y=1. \begin{cases}x=2 \\ y=1. \end{cases} Systems of equations can be solved using an algebraic method like elimination- or substitution.

You can also solve by graphing which means that you can find where the graph of the straight lines intersect each other.